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Just a quick after-thought: an earlier poster to this topic (Nutty) makes an important point…

Originally Posted by Nutty View Post
I agree that Facebook is valuable to your business, however, one aspect also worries me — having your business in the hands of someone else, they call the shots, they make changes that perhaps you don't like (timeline) and I do think it has taken some traffic away from my websites because that audience spends more time searching Facebook than it does Google.
It’s critically important to get as many of your Facebook Group members to sign up to your mailing list as possible, and as soon as possible.

I find an offer of a short, FREE home study course — or a series of really good articles — via autoresponder on a topic of immediate interest to new members of your Group is an effective way to encourage Group members to sign up for your email list.

Then you can always stay in contact with your Facebook Group, even if Facebook does one of its regular, feral stunts and deletes your Group for any reason, or reduces reach for Groups as well as Facebook Pages. (Facebook now admits that your Page notifications will only reach a maximum of around 16% of "likers" without you paying for more.)

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