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Originally Posted by JunkDawgs View Post
You can't follow people on Facebook, they have to 'Like' your fan page. Acquiring 'Likes' is the challenge because before doing promotions you need to have a substantial audience. There's no value in running promotions to only 50 people that like your page. Twitter, or a personal page allow you to be "friends" or "follow" like minded people/businesses, but Business pages are a bit more challenging to attain an audience.
The original post isn't about "likes" or Facebook pages. It's about facebook GROUPS.

These are seriously useful tools for building a community around your business, including events, files (for downloading) and more.

It's a FREE, quick and easy way to build a Membership site for your business, with no expensive software or hosting required.

With some thought and intelligent promotion, you can build a list of group members who receive your notifications and can be easily contacted.

Yes, by all means create a Facebook page for your business. But use that page to take people to your Facebook Group for more reliable connection and contact.

Members can tag your Group in their Favourites on their timelines (left hand column), and the number of unread notifications will appear beside your Group name whenever they log on to Facebook.

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