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I used to run Yahoo! groups back in the day and did very well, I was one of the highest on the list when searching "scoliosis"

Facebook came along and in a short space of time I had grown my scoliosis group bigger than I could ever have dreamed of on Yahoo!, the possibilities were and still are so much greater and more fun (except since they brought in timeline and upset everyone!)

I agree that Facebook is valuable to your business, however, one aspect also worries me - having your business in the hands of someone else, they call the shots, they make changes that perhaps you don't like (timeline) and I do think it has taken some traffic away from my websites because that audience spends more time searching Facebook than it does Google

I wouldn't go without my Facebook fan page, one thing I have found very beneficial is events, I have been able to organise events cheaply with this application and of course spread the word and share


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