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Default Review This Copy Please!

I am writing with a request for anyone who has the time and willingness to help. This is a copy I've written, and I want to ask you to walk in the shoes of a person who wants to hire a cleaner for his/hers home.

One day you decided you are fed up with your apartment's condition. Those floors look dirtier than ever, you don't even have a mop, the bathroom is in a terrible mouldy state. You finally decide to Google for domestic cleaners in London and spot the following website (yes, it really ranks):

You start reading the copy. You probably have some expectations as to what answers should the website give you. Besides the obvious "what are the prices, am I able to afford it?",
  • what other questions do you have prior to entering the website?
  • are the answers available there?
  • what is the brand name of the company?
  • does the website build trust in you?
  • do you feel like the service will be of superior quality?

Your critique is welcome and will be appreciated. Hope a good copy writer will take his/hers time to do me this favour of evaluating my content.

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