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Default Mike.Bean - viewed your FB Page...

Here is my take. First, Page looks great. Now, the 123 fans you have, may not be responding because of the following reason; 1. are these friends from your regular fb personal page? if so I would expect no activity from them. Why? unless they are passionate customers then they wont respond. 2. Unfortunatley out of th 123 you do have they arent interested in the message your sending Why? First I think your posting too often. Back off to 3-4 times a week and never more than once a day. Your first messages are all about YOU...wrong approach...make it about them. You start to do that in recent posts. Give away some information that you think those 123 current fans want & need.

You may want to advertise to get some more fans, you may want to visit relevant pages of others and ensure you tag yourself so they come over to your page.

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