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Your position in Adwords is based on two variables. (1) bid amount (2) click thru rate

So to maintain or increase your position without increasing your cost you can increase your click through rate theoretically.

Google considers the click thru rate to be an indication of quality. The more people click on your ad, the more relevant it is for what people are searching for.

So I would focus on make your ad as relevant as possible. The first and easiest step to do this is include the keyword(s) that someone is searching within your ad - more prominent/title is better. Someone who see what they searched for in the title of your ad is more likely to click on it than if the keywords they searched for are not in the ad. This often means you need to create many ads and use quotes or brackets with your keywords to get matching.

Outside of including the keywords, do a search of this forum for other tips. I will analyze the other advertisements to include offers that will make my ad more attractive. I also will often include the price within the ad to qualify the visitor - although this may disaude ctr my own focus is more on conversions that ctr.

So with that in mind, create some new ads. Not one, but a few. Then run multiple ads and test which ads have the highest ctr (um.. track conversions too). Then repeat cycle using your best perfoming ad and then creating others. test. test. test.

Your landing page can also play a role. To test how different pages on your site perform see Google's Website Optimizer. Its not all about ctr and lowering your cpc, its about conversions too.

Regarding the competition, likely they just bid high to secure that position easily.

Regarding the service, don't waste your time. Anyone can get you in the top position just by setting a high bid amount. This stuff is easy, read up and learn it yourself and you will do better and have control over what you are doing without paying someone else.

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