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Default QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online


QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online both have their perks and downsides. QB desktop is a one-time purchase software, whereas QB Online has a recurrent monthly subscription fee. However, being a SaaS-based service, QuickBooks Online offers remote access to its users, and in comparison, the desktop version installed on a single local desktop.

Additionally, most of the features of QuickBooks Desktop not covered by QuickBooks Online like inventory tracking, calculate discounts by the customer, and rebilling of the job cost.

So if you are more inclined towards getting the flexibility benefits of cloud-based software rather than QB's features, you can opt for the online version. But, if you need all the feature-set QuickBooks has to offer, the desktop version would be the right choice. Also, you can harness the power of the cloud along with the features of the QuickBooks desktop by hosting it on cloud.

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