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Default It depends

Just a comment from an old tax pro. When ever a client would ask me a question I learned that the proper response 99% of the time was it depends. It seems the same is true as to which platform is better- blogger or a stand alone WordPress blog.

It depends on your goals and what you are trying to achieve. If quick, and simple is what you want If you want more control stand alone is better. From what I have learned (been dabbling with internet marketing since 1998) traffic can be generated to each format but it takes work

These days the basics for generating traffic for your blog is content.. When the they first came out with the tax rebates for loans I got tired of my clients asking about it so I did a write up and started handing it to them. As an after thought I posted on a blog that had little or no traffic...

Next thing I knew tons of traffic for this one article on a stand alone poorly set up - SEO minimized (not maximized) WordPress blog.. wish I had an email capture system and autoresponder... but to focused on Tax Business and not the internet..

Anyway the answer in my opinon is it depends

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