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Originally Posted by lenzcrafter View Post
Right, I have a Google adwords account, I have had it for years.

It cost me approx 1 per click for keywords such as Driving Schools Bristol, and Driving Lessons Bristol.

Now I am looking to really crank up my advertising without it costing that much!

I have been contacted by companies telling me that they can optimise my account for just 100 per month, with unlimited clicks etc!!

Now first things first, is this possible?? And can they do it that cheap and get me up on the first three positions?

If this is not so then how can "I" reduce cost per click so that I am still up on the top of the first page?

Any tips or tricks would be great.



Ps there is a driving school called and they seem to be on the first position all the you think that they pay lots per click or have they got some special thing going on?
The best way to keep the cost down is to be more specific with you search phrase. The biggest problem with CPC is the wasted clicks, so aim you ad more carefully.

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