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Arrow Mentally Prepared To Start Part Time Business... Need Your Help!

Hello to everyone here at the Small Business Forums! As I stated in my title, I have been mentally preparing myself for starting a business for years! This is not something I want to throw myself into, it is something that I have been contemplating and researching for quite sometime. I have been in sales for 8 years now, starting as a telemarketer selling coupon books around the country, then into car sales where I soared in the beginning but fell victim to my conscious as I didn't want the persona of ripping people off and to be honest sometimes I was doing just that, and the last 2 years I have been an inside sales rep for a radiation oncology company. I love sales, probably becasue I get to help someone find something that creates a solution for their problem... whether it be they need a bigger car... or a doctor needing a better device to treat cancer. To me it's the big picture... I don't get too excited about the sale, it's all about knowing I impacted someone. My biggest hobby is researching, I know it's funny, but I like to get the full picture before making decisions, and I use this as a sales technique to show someone why my solution is better. I also like fixing things, I am very mechanical, I took auto mechanics when I was younger, and I worked construction for a couple years, and last I like numbers! When I mean numbers I don't mean complex math problems, but when it comes to money and explaining it to people, the numbers leap off the page! I was explaining mortgages, rates, programs for first time buyers to my loan officer, becasue I knew more than her, mainly because I did my research before I made a decision.... Anyway... I don't know what kind of business to start. I would like to start something that can start small and grow as I am able to devote more time. I have about $8-10k to start something, but would prefer to use less to start. It would have to be something that can start part time, and then something that will still allow me to spend plenty of time with my family! I am not out to make it rich, just support my family. Thank you for any and all ideas. -- Joe

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