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Default Best 10 Small Business Trends

Since this thread is the Trend Forum, I wonder if we can come up with a count of the 10 Best Trends in small business today and perhaps peek a little and come up with the top 10 trends in the next 10 years? Perhaps if we narrow our focus we can get a better focus on the areas of business that would be good for us to spend time on developing, right? I was tempted to start classification into say, home-based, e-books, etc. but as we are talking of the top 10 we just try to achieve a consensus on the overall and forget about classification into top 10 for different categories. We want to narrow it to that within the confines of internet business or one that are done solely over the Internet or online.

For example, the current vogue that I know is the euphoria about Google's Adsense. Many netpreneurs use this as their small business model solely. Is this giving value to small business?

So, anybody wants to start with some ideas? Please propose ....

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