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Uh... can I ask a question? Why are you worried about PPC when you can spend some time and optimize your site with content and come up in a better position for the organic search?

I had a quick look at your site. There isn't really a lot of content. Why aren't you publishing informaiton in 'short articles' that are about 250-500 words. Things like:
- 5 Driving tips you need to know
- How to Become a defensive driver
- Become a safe driver- Here's how
- Do you make these mistakes when driving?
- Drive like a pro when you follow these 5 tips

This list could go on and on. But this content will help your site in many different ways... including the long tail search that will not deliver as many visitors... but long tail search delivers a visitor that know what they want. When you can prove that you provide it.. they will purchase.

Hope this helps!

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