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Default late to this party but here is my take...

CPC is extremely important! Why because it directly relates to your profits. The more profitable you can be, them more clicks you can get, and if you have seen my past post on how to improve your converstions, then these additional clicks means more sales. Sales your competition is not getting, you are!

And to get the lowest CPC you need to have the highest Quality Score (QS). Do not, never settle for an ok QS, your leaving real money on the table.

Here is a real example on how a great QS will make you more money.

I pay on a very competitve keyword 35 cents, in my google keyword list it gives me a little error message saying "the bid amount is not high enough for the first page, and it needs to be 75 cents" (or something very close to that. My QS is 10.

BUT before I increase that bid I see the Avg Pos for that keyword is 1.5. That means I am not only on the front page page I am either number 1 or 2 every time!

My competition is paying more than double just to get on the front page in position 7. and I am in the top spot paying over 50% less for my clicks.

How do you get that QS to 10? many have already said it in this post, but the ad (especially the headling) needs the keyword your bidding on, you have to have a high Click through rate, and you should start your initial bidding high and then scale back as history is captured for your ad, then you can scale back the bid and not lose position.

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