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Default How Social Media Marketing Really Works


Many posts I read about social media marketing explain the importance of social media marketing, talk about celebrities that use social media marketing, and give examples of popular people & websites that use social media marketing effectively. But how can an average Small Business Owner use social media marketing effectively?

I created this images to show how social media marketing should work for an average small business owner:

Step 1: Create & publish relevant content, or link bait that links back to internal pages of your site.

Step 2: Influence aggregators & distributors of information to link to your useful content.

Step 3:
Convince socializers to inform their large network of social media users about this great resource he/she just found.

Remember, you want to influence the influencers, not they try to become the influencer overnight. Too many companies fall into the trap on trying to build 1,000's of "friends" on social media sites instead of influencing the already popular social media users.

There is nothing wrong with becoming a popular social media users (like I am sure small business brief is) but trying to become that overnight does not work for most internet business owners. So an easy way to use social media marketing no is to create great content and get it into the hands of social media users.

Learn More: Improve Search Engine Rankings - Influence Aggregators & Distributors

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