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Jason NEFL

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My business deals with disaster preparation, so I write about various incidents that occur and give people tips on how they can prepare for such things. I also post a monthly homework assignment and offer a prize to the first person/family who completes all the homework assignments for the year.

I guess what I'm saying is you can write about things that happen in your industry as well as come up with some sort of contest. The first idea is a way you can help people without them having to purchase something from you, and the second idea helps get people involved with your blog. You can also write about significant happenings with your business, such as a new item or service offered. In addition, perhaps you can offer a small rebate to be awarded randomly to anyone who posts responses in your blog during each month. So, if 20 people post in your blog in the month of January, you would award a prize to one of those 20 people.

Good luck!

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