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Aww shucks guys, that is the sort of stuff that could go to my head.

Really, to explain it from my perspective it goes back to the 3 things we often share when giving recommendations to others about starting their own small business -

1) Do something you love, or are interested in
2) Do something you have experience with
3) Start small.

All those apply to myself and my experiences with this forum, and the rewards I have received in return are endless not only for myself but for others who are part of this community.

Thanks for the comments fairdoes, kim, peggy, simone/nutty and vortex. They are (very) interesting to me. For example fairdoes mentions the rise in social media. I remember when we started, everyone was guessing what the next big thing will be. At the conferences the talk was about local search and personalization. Boy did they get it wrong. Social media was that next big thing. And it will be interesting to look back ive years from now again, and see what dynamic shifts have occurred within our industry. Cheers to it, I'll be around for sure and I'm looking forward to it as much as the first five!

Diane/torka, thank you for all your hard work as I couldn't have done it with out you following along as my extra set of eyes (along with the other mods) and the consistent support of Robert and Jen along the way. Its far from about me, but the community that we have established. Cheers to that!

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