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Question Forget Backup, What about Recovery solutions?

Originally Posted by Linda
Here is one of the debate of remote or local backup.

"Backing up your data should be an essential part of your daily routine. Unfortunately for many businesses this simply isn't the case. The only time data backup crosses their mind is when they have a hard disk crash or a serious spyware or virus infection."

Catch it @
Interesting discussion on online vesus local backup. There is another category of solutions that are called "recovery" versus "backup". I was wondering if anyone had stories to share regarding these type of utilities.

These "recovery" solutions complement the basic premise of copying your data files onto CD/DVDs, external (USB) hard drives as well as online / remote backups. They store compressed image (backup) files on a hidden area in your hard drive which is safe from accidental deletion, viruses, and other malware problems. So with the exception of computer theft or natural disaster, all other data loss scenarios are covered using these recovery utilities.

The idea is "what do small businesses (w/o an IT Dept) do if they have either system problems that cause data loss (i.e. virus attack, failed software installation) or a total system failure"? The recovery software - less than $100 price for most products - fixes your PC (gets back all computer data) in less time than it would take to individually reload Windows, reload all your programs, set your preferences and transfer back all your files (which hopefully was backed up elsewhere beforehand).

Three software vendors to note: Symantec ( offers Norton Ghost and GoBack, Acronis ( offers True Image, and FarStone Technology ( offers RestoreIT. Has anyone used these before?

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