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The idea isn't bad. You found a need and are trying to come up with a profitable way to fill that need. If you know someone that does this profitably with dog waste then you are already close to proving the concept. But here is what I would suggest...

1. Try to get some information from the dog waste cleaning company and get their price structure among other things.

2. Analyze the differences between your needed model and your dog doo comparison model.

The importance of this can't be stressed enough. Although the dog waste company is solving a similar problem, there are big differences that you can overlook that will make your model fail. Its easy to say, 'hey this guy made it work with dogs why can't I with cats?' But for example consider the fact that you would need access to the inside of the clients house where he does not. That means you have to work around your clients schedule making it impossible to design a route that keeps your travel costs down like he does. With the dog waste, he can map out an optimal route and work on his own time table because he can always get to the yard. This means you would have to charge quite a bit more to cover you added costs. You are also replacing litter whereas he doesn't need to replace the yard so you have some supplies to manage that he does not.

3. Marketing a poo relate company has its own problems too. See what he is doing if you say it has been working. You probably need to make it sound cute because it could easily get gross. You could try to make it very professional but from my experience with cat owners when it comes to their felines taking the cute route will probably be more effective.

I hope this will help you some.

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