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Default Owning a Blog and a Website

While I don't recommend starting off with both, here's an example of why you may start with a website and then add a blog at a later time.

Let's say you have a site on healthy eating. It's 75 pages of different tips on what kinds of foods you can eat. A lot of the information is evergreen and it's a wonderful site for people to bookmark for future reference.

Now let's say you want to start a section on this site where you announce a new recipe every week. Since you will be providing new information on a consistent basis, this kind of content is best presented in a blog format because blogs show the most recent content first and organize the information by date and category.

Since blogs are setup to divide the content into categories, you could add categories to make surfing your blog easier (Desserts, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner etc.) and post the recipes into the appropriate category.

Now you have your healthy eating site with its static, evergreen information and you can use your blog for your latest and greatest recipes. People can subscribe to your blog through RSS and they'll be notified every time you add a new recipe.

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