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Default What Is Copywriting?

Many people seem to be confused about what copywriting actually is.

This being a subject which I teach, this is a subject which I'm more than qualified to pass comment upon. Hopefully to clear up any future misunderstandings, of which there seem to be many in circulation.

I'll try therefore to keep this as simple as possible...

Copywriters sell via the written word.

Copywriters are masters of persuasion using written language. They write advertisements usually with a direct call to action at the end. Another very simple definition of copywriting is salesmanship-in-print.

A salesman will typically try to sell or persuade you into taking action verbally. What they do in spoken form - copywriters do this in written form.

When you want to persuade a target market to take a specific action...this is copywriting.

Copywriting is not writing eBooks or writing articles. Content writing merely informs an audience. It does not entail actual ad writing. The difference between content writing and copywriting can easily be identified by the fees we highly experienced copywriters can charge for our professional services.

Anyone can pretty much write an article of 500 words (for example) in no more than a few minutes. The fee for this article is often a pittance, a mere few dollars at most. Whilst any decent copywriter on the other hand, their fees will typically start at $5,000+.

As for the inclusion of keywords (for SEO reasons) this is a massive no-no in professional copywriting circles. If you're writing for example a long form sales letter for online use, the last thing a pro copywriter will be concerned about is including the use of certain keywords.

The second you do this (in copywriting) you dilute the very purpose of the sales copy in question. Writing sales copy for online use has nothing to do with trying to get higher rankings in the search engines. It's number one purpose is to increase exponentially the conversion rate for whatever the direct call to action is.

Allow me to reiterate the point...

Content writing includes all article writing, eBook writing, and similar activities. If there is no direct written call to action you're writing content. Full stop. Period. A bio at the end of your article4 does not automatically make you a copywriter. If you're writing content this is precisely wqhat you are: a content writer NOT a copywriter.

Article writing for example is something most people can pick up in a day or two of intensive learning.

To become professional at copywriting on the other hand will often take in excess of 10,000 hours before you even begin to understand the craft inside out.

Hopefully, fingers crossed, this will help to alleviate some of the confusion surrounding this issue.

Any questions? Fire away below...

Smoking hot,

Mark Andrews

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