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NeedlAnalytics 8th March 2017 09:29 AM

Info For New Google Analytics Tool.
I am trying to get an idea of how involved SME ecommerce business owners are in managing and using their Google Analytics accounts. Who manages your Google analytics reports for you? Do you get involved?

The reason I would like feedback on this, is that we are building an automated \ Virtual Data Analyst for Google Analytics. It will comprehensively analyse all your data against your goals and prioritise the most important conclusions.

But, I want to aim this at business owners/marketing departments rather than web analysts or digital agencies. To do that that, I need to get feedback from business owners or managers on how they use their Google Analytics account.

Is anyone actively involved in their GA accounts? Whats your experience in trying to dig deeper into GA data? Are you able to identify top performing segments? Would love to hear about your experiences and answer any questions.

Thank you.

peter2018 24th January 2018 11:07 AM

What is the reason for not reaching the website?

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