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AngelBiz 15th April 2018 09:40 AM

3 Ways Telemarketing Can Benefit Business Owners
Sometimes using telemarking services to help boost sales may seem like an expensive and time-consuming task, however the benefits can be really rewarding. Immediately people have some negative filters applied when they think of telemarking as they have thoughts of getting a call at 5pm when they are just about to have their dinner with someone calling their home, disturbing them and wanting to sell on a product they are not interested in. My advice to these people who do not want to be contacted in this way is to contact the Telephone Preference Agency and register their home number. By doing that all companies are legally obliged to ensure your telephone number is not included in their list to contact. If they fail to comply to this then there can be significant consequences and fines for the company if reported. Below are some tips on how to select a telemarking service provider but also some of the advantages:

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