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mytown 25th February 2008 06:45 AM

Getting Traffic To My New Website - Tips
Hi All,

I have just launched a new website
You will see this is an Irish community website which is designed to be a portal site for all towns in Ireland.

The site has just launched and is appearing on the Search Engines (but down the rankings). I have got a google PageRank of 1, so I would love to increast that - any ideas?

But the main problem is getting people to visit my site, I get around 20 unique users per day and I want to be getting 200 per day. I have read the 26 step guide but is there anything outside of this that I can do?

I have invested my savings and time into this website and can't afford to do a big Adwords campaign. I need to generate revenue by getting businesses to pay to appear in my business listings, but to justify that I need to be able to proudly say I get X number of users to my site daily/monthly. I guess it is a bit of a vicious circle because: without money I can't advertise -- without traffic I can't get clients -- without clients I can't get money

Does anyone have any ideas on how to break this circle. Also, any feedback on my site (positive or negative) would be greatly appreciated.


FHI Windows 29th February 2008 07:29 PM

To be honest with you the site looks like a parked site, or a site made for ads. I would redo the site and make it more welcoming. I don't think an increase in traffic at this point would do much good since your visitors will just leave and not come back.

That's my 2 cents. I'm sort of shocked that nobody could come up with any comments in the past 4 days since you posted this.

shailasmith 29th February 2008 11:50 PM

How to Increase traffic - Navtej Kohli
Hi, I believe that in order to get traffic have some good and sticky content on your website. It is very important. Make some good graphics and content combination and you will surely benefit in terms of visitor traffic.

Navte Kohli

cbass1017 1st March 2008 07:28 AM

I agree. You definately need to add some good content to your site. As far as creating some revenue for your site you might want to look into becoming an affiliate for a travel or vacation company where you could get paid for sending them leads through your site. (positive)

The biggest problem you have though is the lack of patience. There aren't many people out there who are willing to advertise on a website that was just created. Rome wasn't built in a day! (negative)

I believe you have a very good idea there but you'll just have to keep at it. If your site is that new you need to be more worried about improving your site itself and not the amount of traffic you are getting.

FIY, Ireland is a beautiful country. Try finding some nice pics of the wonderful landscape there that people can actually see to make people want to learn more about it.

Hope that helps!

IworkFromHOME 1st March 2008 07:53 AM

Ya agree like others. You need to put real content first before wanting for a lot of traffic. Don't worry much about traffic yet. It will come when you have more pages on your site and more backlink. if you want your site to be a little bit easier in getting high ranking for keyword "irish" than you should get a new domain that has that word. your domain could be All the best to you.

Logan 1st March 2008 08:20 AM

I went to site. Selected something and it said I had not logged in or selected my city. I selected one (randomly because i'm not familiar with your area) and it said there was no information for that area and stated some sort of apology.

Not a good experience. Why have it there, if only to say there isn't anything here we apologize? Add content, value, etc. Do a search here and read about "link baiting" and some of the other threads about how to promote your site. Additionally, I'm not sure but are the search engines able to spider all of your pages (without logging in or select a location - because they can't do that to inlcude your content).

How to break cycle

1) Create site with value/content
2) Promote to attract exposure
3) Build audience/visitors
4) Attain advertisers

babyjoy214 3rd March 2008 09:33 AM


why not try and get a link builder? or if you don't want to spend, study link building yourself.. there are nice pointers on some sites or articles in the net..
that way there is link exchange between you and other sites. you get to have more visitors then..

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