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Uberflicks 25th January 2005 05:16 AM

Hi everyone Newbee biz owner here!
Hi everyone! I'm a new home buisness owner, dealing in rare VHS and DVD movies! I have about 600+ movies in my inventory right now. But I'm looking to add a new branch on to my buisness by way of buttons, bumper stickers, window graphics for cars & trucks, aswell as mailable T-shirt iron-ons! I call them "T-shirt Tats". All such graphics will be completely customizable by the customer! Well please get back to me if anyone has a question/comment.

Nice meeting you all!

obinstitute 25th January 2005 09:39 AM

Check out
Have you checked out as an inexpensive way to get started on your t-shirt/ bumper sticker line?


ACMilan 25th January 2005 04:45 PM

Hi Uberflicks,
Rare VHS and DVD movies -sounds like an interesting business. Where do you sell them? Do you sell movies made during the 1940s?
Make it a great day!

Robert 25th January 2005 07:17 PM

Welcome Uberflicks! :standingw

divshow 27th January 2005 03:11 PM

Welcome to the forum. :standingw

Glad you decided to join us!

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