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intouch01 10th August 2015 07:30 AM

How We Can Promote Promote Product
How we can promote promote product

torka 10th August 2015 02:50 PM

That would depend on what your product is, what resources you have available to work with, and who you're trying to reach with your promotions.

What is your product? Who is your target audience? What are you doing now to reach them? What is your budget? What other resources do you have access to? What sort of results are you looking for?

--Torka :iratep:

Ola Rybacka 28th December 2015 05:48 AM

The form of promotions depends on type of your product.
Social Media are the cheapest and easy to use way to promote, especially if you can make your audience specific.

You shoud try the other type of Internet promotion too - maybe your product is worth writing about it on a blog?

jeffscott 22nd April 2016 03:09 AM

Not all products are the same and every brand has its own way of promotions depending on the target and competition. Kindly be specific when creating a thread for us to give specific and detailed information.

lilyalvin 23rd April 2016 07:34 AM

Make Video of your particular product and promote it on youtube and on other video channels. Start a PPC campaign of this product. Advertise your product on social media.

Brynn Thorne 8th June 2016 02:57 AM

How Can We Promote Product?
There are many ways to promote a product. It could be by a traditional way like leaflets, brochures, newspaper etc. Though nowadays, an online marketing is quite in demand to attract your market. The easiest and the fastest way is thru social media sites.

Fritz Razul 29th May 2017 12:58 PM

What product is it?
There's a lot of ways you can promote your product. Can you share a bit more about what your product is?

hicartagena 30th May 2017 03:28 AM

There are many ways to promote your products
1. Start An Affiliate Program
2. Create a Teaser Campaign on Facebook
3. Email Marketing
4. Twitter Buy Button
5. Facebook Shop Section
6. Referral Marketing
7. Blogger Outreach
8. pinterest

SamJones87 31st May 2017 12:09 PM

A great way to promote ur product is by creating a website for it. After u've created a website, publish compelling content in support of ur product, and/or that's relevant to ur niche. Utilize social media to share ur content and optimize ur site for SEO so u're visible on search. If ur a newbie at web design and coding, this "How to Make a Website in 5 Easy Steps" article was pretty helpful for me.

urbansoft 2nd August 2017 07:18 AM


My suggestion is Google adwords shopping and Social media marketing is the important channel for market your product and get instant result.

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