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Can Social Media Work For B2B Products & Services?
A forum member asked me this question:

Can Social Media Work For B2B Products & Services?

Social sites such as facebook, twitter, and linkedin allow businesses to stay connected to customers, related businesses, people within their industry, etc. Everyone would agree on that.

But, for social media to work for selling B2B products & services those that follow you need to help you increase bottom line; in some way. Do the people following you necessarily need to be your end customer?

NO, not that I am recommending obtaining useless followers & friends in social media sites. But, what if those that follow you help you increase your (1) popularity (2) importance (3) relevance? Well for companies that sell B2B products & services this should be one goal; to get your followers to build links for you:

Do these links need to be built for your website? Not necessarily. Making a video, an article, a press release, a tutorial, a anything #1 that your company wrote can be plugged into the above formula to make your social media campaign successful.

Learn More ABout Building This Content In This Video:

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brain 25th February 2010 06:06 AM

Really nice post. Thanks a lot. You can sell any item via building a relationship of trust on social networking portals. It can be a small cheap item or a luxury item. It all depends upon how good you can be when it comes to giving value to your customers in order to gain their trust.

A pure sales pitch in the first attempt is bound to fail.

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