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thejenn 12th January 2007 06:11 PM

New Article - Search Marketing 2.0 Beyond Traffic And Conversions
Authored by: Scott Orth

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As sophisticated businesses and marketing agencies embrace the world of Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketers are being asked to deliver a level of strategy and value never before expected. With the bar raised, we must now focus on targeted business goals to prove ROI.

Nicolette 13th January 2007 06:48 AM


You are spot on with your assessment of the SEO/M world currently. As businesses become more sophisticated, they will expect an Internet Marketing "strategy." Many small businesses are busy running their business and therefore know little about traditional marketing, let alone online marketing.

I see this as a tremendous opportunity for those who've mastered traditional sales and marketing avenues. Adding SEO/M skills is as simple as reading and applying the tactics set forth in Jenn' book. (No, she didn't pay me to say that!)

Strategic analysis, researching your target demographic, writing with your prospect in mind, marketing across channels has always been important. Knowing how to translate this to the Web is your Unique Selling Proposition.

It may seem simple for those who are professional marketers, but when we articulate that to a prospective client, that's when you'll see your fees rise dramatically over what one would earn managing a pay-per-click campaign.

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