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Mardok011 24th October 2006 09:37 AM
One word of advice, don't bother with pay-per click advertising on your site unless you have very heavy traffic or a high pay-per click revenue. If you have neither, you won't make much off of adsense or other pay-per click programs.

One that I've used in the past was It has two programs. One is pay-per-click and one is prepaid. So the advertiser prepays you the full amount (which you set by the way) to place an ad on your site and it doesn't matter how many clicks it gets. You still get money. Enjoy!

-Joshua McCaw

Logan 24th October 2006 12:55 PM

With the prepaid option, i'm curious what information/parameters are given to the advertiser prior to making their purchase. For example ... do they receive information on traffic, do they receive information on placement/specs? I'm also curious how much success you've had selling the prepaid advertising on your site? Is there much demand or good number of advertisers interested?

mbm 24th October 2006 01:30 PM

Quite similar to AdBright.

They use Alexa and Google PR for the new publishers as an indicator for the advertisers.
After that, when the publisher put the code in the web pages, the providers are able to collect statistics - visitors, pageviews, etc.

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