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SaraMartine 19th December 2015 05:18 AM

Having good content, quality posts, attractive images, videos will surely help you to gain followers for any social media account. Also, some other factors like how regular you are updating your page, whether your post is relevant to your website content or not, etc.

SaraMartine 21st December 2015 05:24 AM

Social media is the best way to promote your business services to your targeted customers. Here are a few suggestions which are helpful for getting business leads, followers, traffic to your site.

1. Always stay updated with the latest news, events in the industry
2. First, analyze best time to update your business page
3. Always post attractive content
4. Mixture images, videos into content for better user engagement

metricbuzz88 22nd December 2015 07:38 AM


Originally Posted by Mike.Bean (Post 147488)
You can not just go around looking for customers and trying to get them to add your account onto face book or twitter or any other social networking site. So how do you do this? Besides having a button on my main websites for these things of course.

It's fairly new but still, in three months nobody is adding me to there face book or twitter. How do I get more target consumers to add me to these websites??

Its fairly a simple task.
Making a good popular product is tough for anyone... but popularizing a popular product is a simple task. because it is already a popular one.

Similar wise, Know what product/service/data popular related to your business. post accordingly. Sure you will see the difference in the real followers.

For Ex: Growth Hacking is a new concept in internet marketing & SEO. If you post a blog related to growth hacking in your website, then it will be viewed and shared by many people.

StevenSamuels 23rd December 2015 12:38 AM

Try to write niche and interesting content, if people like to read your content you will need to interact with your followers/friends to get them hooked.Keep update your content on daily basis and share it all big social network such as Facebook,twitter,LinkedIn , google plus.

Chris360 7th January 2016 06:35 AM

Things you should do to gain followers
Here are the things that you should do:
1. Make sure to post great content
2. Write a professional bio
3. Use hashtags
4. Place a widget on your blog
5. Engage with others
6. Your content must be shareable
7. Reshare other people’s content
8. Reach out to influencers
9. You need to stay active
10. Follow other users

devidweb 8th January 2016 04:59 AM

Everyone wants more it's one of the most common. Social Media is used to build brand ambassadors, drive traffic, and convert sales. if you want to grow your website you will need to start treating it like a real business.

Ola Rybacka 13th January 2016 06:10 AM

Good quality content is a key to success for me, especially, when it's posted regularly. You also shoud stay active all the time and react to all the comments and opinions quickly to let people know that you're trustworthy. Try to drive their engagement through asking them about something linked with your company or subject.

aquisto 28th June 2016 09:46 AM

If you want to follow others, then you’re going to have to follow them. This is a simple rule of reciprocation that is common on all social media formats. So, instead of just uploading photos and expecting people to come to you, you also have to put yourself out there. In other words, you have to be active.

Search for users and brands that share your interests and comment, then like and share their photos. Follow Instagram stars and influencers and engage with them, or even ask for a shout-out. You could even look for tags containing tags like: #shoutout, #TagsForLikes, #ilovemyfollowers, and #follow.

Brooke.Harper 23rd October 2017 02:47 AM

This thread was started a while back and every answer I've seen points out to crafting high-quality content that's valuable and relevant. This is still true to this day but it's important to consistently give out valuable content. Participate in different discussions that are related to your industry to grow your network and organically gain followers

jeffscott 20th November 2017 09:38 PM

It will take time to gain followers that's why we need to establish first the profile by providing consistent interesting information in which will help them in many ways.

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