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Jessica Walter 5th May 2015 03:00 AM

Mobile App Marketing
Hello Friends,

I am having an application, and looking to promote it. Can you please share the techniques, which can help me to promote my app.

johnkca 5th May 2015 05:35 AM

Just create your blog,so people will know it..write about your app.

Ryan26 5th May 2015 05:42 AM

I would try Facebook ads for the mobile app but I don't like facebook. So as always I would go for Google Ads.

hrishivardhan 5th May 2015 06:18 AM


Originally Posted by Jessica Walter (Post 227893)
Hello Friends,

I am having an application, and looking to promote it. Can you please share the techniques, which can help me to promote my app.

1. Create Facebook Page for your app, post attractive and useful content with images, invite people to like your page, promote your page.
2. Make twitter account and tweet regularly about your app.
3. Web 2.0 in weebly, blogger, WordPress.
4. Post on Google+, Pinterest.

If you do not get any results from that then hire app marketing agency that can help you in best way.

mairajassy 8th May 2015 01:45 AM

Well I would suggest you to create your social profiles in all the major social networks like , Facebook ,twitter , LinkedIn etc , then write content about your apps and promote it socially...

somyasharma 3rd June 2015 05:09 AM

Promote your individually app is not an easy task. I think better option is viral marketing with the help of your friend circle. If you have large friend group on social media, then create a short description of your application and circulate to your friend circle on various social networks and tells them to passing further in their friend circle with the help of social media.

matthew86 3rd June 2015 05:25 AM

Yeah, social media marketing is a great way to promote your app.

Taluk 3rd August 2015 02:32 PM

You can try the social networking sites. The social networks are become more and more popular this days. But, I believe you should first start with your friends and families.

Lilian 4th August 2015 02:46 AM

creat blog and search keywords
I think blog is a easy and quick way for you to promote your application. You should list the keywords of your products and use insert them into your blog posts.

JLeesCastro 5th September 2015 08:30 AM

There are many ways to promote and market your application, but it really depends on your niche and your target customers.

First, you need to figure out a detailed picture of your target customer. Then, you have to see where they look for information: keywords / Google searches - write informational content to help; what forums do they post in? - be active and helpful and answer questions; what blogs and websites do they read? - post guest articles etc; what social media do they use - get active in their spaces with helpful tips and advice.

I do marketing for apps, so ping me if you would like more detail. Or you could check out

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