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johnniewalk 18th January 2018 08:30 AM

yes, good information said here, speed is more important one for the website which is leads the SEO and helps the keywords to improve soon.

brookee 2nd February 2018 01:17 AM

Speed does matter. Don't consider a Google's guideline. You are accountable to provide the best experience to your users. If your website is slow people will bounce from there. Nobody wants a slow website.

sofia. 6th February 2018 06:20 AM

Re: Speed Matters
I don't know why Google is trying to reduce the number of times a visitor clicks on results that are not responding frequently. it's not fair.

Ruhani Ansari 7th February 2018 05:42 AM

Page loading Speed indirectly affects the website ranking
You must have heard at some of time being in the SEO industry, whatever is user friendly is google friendly.

The research says average user spend less than 3secs of time for a webpage to load. Page speed is one of most overlooked parameter on the website.
The poor loading speed of the website repel your target user from spending time on your website, no matter how much valuable information your site is carrying.

Google has recently made an update to google page speed tool, where it is using the Chrome User Experience Report to deliver the Page Speed Score.

If the website is receiving minimal page views and high in bounce rate, its ranking will be affected in the search engines as the website not being user friendly.

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