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saturntech122 1st April 2010 07:53 AM

Who Has Had Proven Results With Adwords.
I am intrigued by adwords to help spurn some traffic to my sites, I have seen the testimonials, but I was wondering if anyone here has had any personal sucess you can directly attribute to an adwords campaign? Im new to online advertising so any other sugesstions would be beneficial, thanks in advance!

Logan 1st April 2010 08:04 AM

Welcome aboard :standingw

I've had success with running adwords for client sites for many years. Many different clients. To get started, do a search of this forum for adwords. you will find a lot of good threads, and in particular look for those started by johnnylew as he created some helpful advise for all to get started.

rockroad005 6th April 2010 11:19 AM

Hello there, I am using adwords before. I can say that it helps my site but not that good. Because you need to pay more so i decided to find another alternative that can benefits me in terms of my publicity and cost as well. That's how i find SEO. It is a search engine optimization more like an alternative for advertising and it helps increasing you page rank in search engine site such as google, bing, ask etc. You might get interested with it, try to consider it too.

morproh 6th April 2010 04:06 PM

If you mean spend a lot of money for little return we've had a lot of success. As of yet we've found it to be utterly useless.

PTF 8th April 2010 10:12 AM

to answer the original question, I have had both success and "failure" with adwords, with different clients. Best result so far is a client who designs and installs high-spec blinds for homes and offices. Turnover 2008/2009 was 125,000. Turnover 2009/2010 will be in the region of 250,000. That's double turnover (same profit margins, too) and really all we did was get adwords running really well.

To go slightly off topic, it always rings alarm bells when anyone says "we spent loads of money and didn't get results". The beauty of adwords is that you have precise control over your budget. I don't mean to be rude, but if you're not testing on a really small budget before deciding which ads/keywords are working, then there are probably a number of reasons your campaigns failed, and adwords being rubbish isn't one of them.

I don't work for Google, but I am a qualified adwords professional, and the first thing I discuss with clients is what their testing phase budget will be. It can take trial and error, as well as careful research, to hit on the perfect campaigns - better to blow a few pence than a month's wages!

johnnylew 10th April 2010 12:00 PM

Google adwords success
Thanks Logan for the call out.

I have seen great success, but it did not start out that way. You must, must study Adwords before ventiruing out on your own. If you do it wrong, and I mean just throw a bunch of keywords into a group, write one ad for all the keywords, bid a high amount to get on page one, you will fail.

But by careful study and constant tweaking (I was tweaking daily in the beginning and now adjust once a month - religously) you will be better and better at it. The beauty of it is Google gives you all the tools to ensure success (they just dont tell you how to use the tools).

Most fail because they dont understand how to use the tool, they get overwhelmed and eventually say it's too hard or we just cant make any money.

I went from a less than 1% click through and 1% conversion to a 3.5% click through and a 5% conversion in a matter of 7 months. And what is awesome is that my new results should be the worse they will be, why because I keep throwing out what doesnt work and try to beat what is working.

So if I can do it, you certainly can. It takes time alot of effort but can give you the best results of any marketing effort you engage in.

Logan 11th April 2010 12:50 PM

I was reading this article and it talks about some macro numbers regarding "how many" are using ppc -


From 69 to 74 percent of large businesses pay to advertise through Google, Yahoo or Microsoft's search engines, while only from 31 to 47 percent of small firms do so, according to a survey by Outsell Inc.

Read more:

BrittMalka 12th April 2010 02:05 PM

That's interesting statistics, Logan

Now the question is - do these big businesses just advertise because they think it will help them? Or do they really get results?

And if fewer small businesses are using PPC's, is it because they monitor the results better and now that it doesn't pay off?

Or - again - are small businesses not as good as bigger ones in creating the ads?

SmallBizShift 4th May 2010 09:01 PM

I've had a lot of success with Adwords over the years.

If, however, you're trying to advertise for very competitive searches, it can be very hard for a new player to break in, unless you're willing to spend a lot of money testing things out (and even then you might struggle if there are competitors with recognized brands or bidding for branding value).

On the other hand, if it's a smaller or local market, there usually isn't as much competition - as was said previously, if you read up on what you're doing, you can definitely have success. A good place to start is the official Google Adwords guide.

gotlivechat 6th May 2010 09:44 PM

I think it depends on the competition involved on Adwords. I mean, are you going up against the 'big box' outfits, or just other small-biz sites? The bigger outfits are going to have larger budgets so they'll be in the top spots.

No matter if 1 or 1000 ppl tell you of failures or successes, you really just need to test it for yourself. If it's any consolation, the fact that Google Adwords is successful seems to indicate that some advertisers must be making money from it.

Just ensure you cap your daily spend within the Adwords campaign manager; it can quickly get expensive if you're not watching it. :fryingpan1:

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