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cnilles 23rd August 2007 05:37 PM

NVU And 1&1
I'm hoping someone can give me a couple of pointers. I originally built my site through 1&1 using their website builder. I had someone build me a new website and they used NVU. My new site is up but I want to be able to change and add things when I want to.

I have made some changes in NVU and clicked on publish but it doesn't publish.

Here is what the person who built the site told me to do.

Go to View => Publish Settings => Click on CynAssist in the left box => and the Publishing address should be the ftp:// from above. Then click “OK”.

It still won't publish. If I look at my site through 1&1 it's my old site. I obviously don't get how this works.

Can someone tell me what I'm missing. I've read books, looked on line, etc. but I just don't get it. I've also looked through the FAQ's in 1&1.


Corey Bryant 24th August 2007 12:45 PM

NVU is a WYSIWYG editor - like Expression Web and Dreamweaver. It looks like you are trying to use FTP to place files from your computer to the server.

The first thing you say is

It still won't publish.
Are you getting an error message? if so, what is that error message? but then you go on to say

If I look at my site through 1&1 it's my old site.
which could mean that you are seeing a cached version of your site. if you are using AOL as your ISP - let's just forget it and wait.

If you are using another ISP and let's say Internet Explorer, you can try to press F5, or CNTL-F5 to do a hard refresh, this makes sure that your IE browsers goes out to the server to get a new copy of the files.

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