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iidrg 26th November 2005 01:17 PM

400% Increase in web reach (Alexa) through Podcast and related marketing
Greetings Members. We have recently had considerable success increasing our web presence through Podcasting. For example, If you go to or and type in the key words “minority business” Podcast, the first link that comes up is The Ebony Cactus. We are also 4 of the top five that come up.

As you are aware, podcasting made a big splash a few months ago. Forgive me, but I always felt there was a lot of hype about this and not much substance. However, I also believed that when used synergistically with other products there could be a business model here that made sense. To test this hypothesis, we focused our Podcast to provide information synergistic to our online business minority business magazine The Ebony Cactus [see signature] and vise versa. We began blogging to spread the word as well as share with others. The result has been a 400% increase in our reach according to Alexa.

I would like your comments on this strategy. If you have not listened to our Podcasts, here is the link to the latest:

[see signature]

An archive to our Past podcasts and editions of our magazine can be found at:

[see signature]

I look forward to your comments.

Dr. George B. Brooks, Jr.

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