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roneidaselva 30th May 2013 11:30 AM

How Many Links Can You Make In A Day?
I am reading article on penguine updates from there i read you can only make 75 links a day if you do higher it comes in a spam category.

Do you have any ideas about it how it goes.

Ulriikkasmith 31st May 2013 12:45 AM

Well if the content of the links is relevant and is related to the topic than i guess probably their is no limit of creating the links. Make sure you insert quality content in them.

Logan 31st May 2013 02:41 AM

I don't believe there is a number like 75.

First many high quality sites get more than 75 links per day. A limit like that would negate high quality sites.

Second I could easily setup 76 links to a competitors site in a day and then they would be considered spam. Consider that a designation of spam is not determined by something that someone else can do to your site.

I believe you have to look at it very differently. Google has a mass amount of data on your site and millions of others. I believe they look at a broad range of statistical data over time to determine what is "natural" vs what is not. Fall into the unnatural category and the linking may not benefit you.

Mellisa Smith 31st May 2013 03:28 AM

I also believe that it doesnít matter how many links you are building in a day but quality and natural way of link building is important. It is true that you have read about number of link building in a day at somewhere because I have also seen same but Google didnít mention any number to build link in a day in itís any guidelines hence we should ignore it.

Jennifer12345 31st May 2013 06:06 AM

This question is being asked very often and raises lots of confusions.

Back links profile can be specified with the following characteristics: velocity, diversity, quality & quantity. I always suggest not to concentrate on the velocity.

Instead aim to get quality links and try to build a diversified portfolio of them. To achieve this use multiple sources, like:
  • directories
  • articles
  • guest blog posts
  • social bookmarks
  • social sites
  • web 2.0 properties

There are many link building techniques, develop your own strategy, follow it and measure results.

Build as many links as you can, but do not use any automated tools for such a fresh domain.

Hope it helps!

kitty42 31st May 2013 06:41 AM

there is no such limit

you just need to make sure to keep it as natural as possible

no more spamming

Alastair 31st May 2013 07:00 AM

No its not true except for the new websites. The old one can still have 7500 links a day. As they are developed and authentic resources. So Google Trust that people are link to a Good site.

PatprecisionE 31st May 2013 07:32 AM

Yeah, I can't imagine the limit is 75, as a popular site probably easily gets more than 75 links in a day when they post new content. Despite what you may have heard, I don't think there's any magic formula or any specific numbers for SEO.

binarynpixel 2nd June 2013 05:19 AM

I make approximately upto 100 links in a day.

PatprecisionE 3rd June 2013 11:52 AM


Originally Posted by binarynpixel (Post 192239)
I make approximately upto 100 links in a day.

Any interest in sharing with us how you make 100 a day? :D

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