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Falsmithy 14th June 2007 09:18 AM

Laws Regarding Educational Material
I am at the planning stage of creating a business that would sell revision books to schools. It would be initially be aimed at Key Stage 1 SATS and Key Stage 2 SATS.

I have created a business plan, and it appears to be a good idea. However, after showing my friend my business plan, he said there are laws that mean educational material has to be approved by the government first. I have searched for the said law and cannot find it. Does such a law exist?

Thank you in advance.

zoobie 14th June 2007 10:16 AM


I think it's best if you seek advice from lawyers or persons who understand or know well about the law. You can ask where exactly it was written and read it yourself.

Best of luck!

Logan 14th June 2007 01:18 PM

Welcome aboard :standingw

I agree its always best to get advice from a lawyer to be clear on your position, and we are not lawyers. That said, I have a client who provides SAT training services like you describe. I am not familiar with their legal stance or any requirements, but I do know that they address the following on their site.

SAT (and other tests for that matter) are registered trademarks of specific entities. With the SAT it is the College Board. Their web site clearly states this (as the last thing on every page), and that the related entity (SAT/College Board) was not involved in the production, and they do not endorse, the product.

Can you research other websites/businesses further and try to identify what others are doing and what they are addressing? That would be my plan. If there is a government process, there has to be open/public records of it. You could also do some direct research yourself first. Call a school contact you have if necessary.

Part of the consideration is, I believe local laws may play a role and those can vary. But it is possible to do what you say, as there are many who do it. If it is a barrier to entry, that may serve as an advantage to reduce competition once you have established yourself. For example, my daughters schools are members of the Florida Association of Independent Schools & National Association of Independent Schools. Can you get endorsements from specific organizations (like those mentioned) that can reinforce your products credibility? Best of luck along the way!!

torka 16th June 2007 02:26 PM

So I'm guessing from the subject matter of your proposed books you're in the UK? :)

For the readers in the USA, Key Stage 1 SATS appear to basically correspond to what they call here in North Carolina the EOGs (End of Grades).

I found this PDF table that may answer your question:

I agree with the others; before you go too far into it, you're going to want to make sure you verify the legalities. You may also need to check whether you need to go through one of a group of specific publishers; I know in the USA, the textbook market is dominated by a small group of publishers, but since it appears to be 'teacher choice' in the UK, the situation may be more open to independent/startup companies. Either way, you'll want to be sure you understand the situation and limitations and qualifications thoroughly before you jump in.

HTH! :thumbsup:


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