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PandaPie 19th March 2012 10:04 PM

How Shall I Start?
:imnew1: :wave2:
Anyways, I have a non-profit organization called Panda Pie Productions (still a buisness!). I need the money to get it started, but, of course, that's where the problems start.
If you don't have very much money, then, how do you get started? Of course I'm not planning on anything like TV ads for an example for a while, but I need a place to start, and start bringing in traffic and currency. Of course, bringing in money means I must use money, therefore creating an obvious flaw. I can't spare a whole lot of money for this too. Any cheap ways to get traffic to my website? I have buisness cards, but they prove little help at the moment.

Ideas would be nice. Also, is there a thread for the rules of this forum? Sorry for my little knowledge of this forum!


~Panda Pie Productions Founder, Tanner Osborn

Logan 20th March 2012 09:44 AM

Hi Tanner, welcome to the forum. Congrats on your new business.

Here are the forum rules -

The most popular way to get help with starting a small business is asking family and friends. Share your ideas with the people closest to you and see if they are interested in helping you get started.

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