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donbmj 13th September 2004 12:10 PM

Dramatic reduction in fully indexed pages with Google

Our sports site will have been up for 1 year November 1, our total number of indexed pages was approx 375 and our hits were doing great with a steady increase until the first of July.
In July I checked the indexed pages with Google and our 375 fullly indexed pages (meaning url,heading, h1 and h2 tags and keywords on the pages)
dropped to 125, all the rest of the pages just show the URL.
I contacted Google and they informed me that this was going through some type of standard cycle and that nothing was wrong.
The Google bot had returned twice during those two months, but the number of fully indexed pages dropped to 75 or so, when I checked it this morning. the total was down to approx 40.
I sent an Email last to [email protected], and as yet to hear back.
Below is a link to our site and the google indexed pages

Your thoughts would be appreciated


Robert 15th September 2004 11:16 PM

Hi Don,

Welcome to the forum! :)

Hopefully my response will give this thread a little bump and one of the resident experts who have had experience with this may be able to jump in.

What you've described with just the URLs showing up is what Greg Notess once described as "Unindexed URLs" which he defined as "URLs for Web pages or documents that Google's spider has not actually visited and has not been indexed." So, Google "knows" about the pages, includes them in their document count, but doesn't have a cache or any info from the page available.

What puzzles me is that from what you wrote, it seems these pages were all fully indexed with a cache, etc. at one point earlier this year.

Anyone have any experience with this happening?

Patrick 16th September 2004 09:38 AM

You can't necessarily go off the indexed page-count results you get from Google, nor, by all accounts, are you likely to get much of a response by emailing Google. Your numbers had gone back up a degree when I looked. Is your traffic affected?


donbmj 16th September 2004 10:54 AM

Thanks for the replies
All of the pages a few months ago were FULLY indexed, heading, h1 and h2 text, as well as keywords from the pages.

There was a total of more than 375 ALL with text information, in a short period of time lets say the first week of August, hundreds of pages had ALL the text removed leaving only the URL in there database.

A Googe EMail I have just received says the problem might be that most of the pages were Dynamically created, but they had been indexed before so how could that be the problem, and with so many with lost text happenung in such a short period of time is confusing, something else has happened.

I checking the pages this morning, we are down to only 37 indexed pages with text

On another forum a comment was made that if the URL's are still in the database we have NOT been banned

Traffic from Google is now down by more than 70%

Looking for answers


leveldisc 20th September 2004 06:52 AM


Has your site had any downtime ?

I've heard anecdotal evidence that this can cause problems although I've no experience of it myself.


Rob 22nd September 2004 05:03 PM

Similar problem from domain name change (to www)
We had a similar problem when (for technical reasons) we had to change a domain name from by adding the "www" to the front - prior to this point all pages were showing and linking to the url without the www leader. When we added the www, suddenly google treated us as a completely new site (totally unindexed) and an old site which had now been removed - in other words all rankings and traffic dissapeared.

Robert 22nd September 2004 06:10 PM

Welcome to the forum Rob! :standingw

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