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Logan 9th March 2017 01:02 PM

Brainstorming Ideas: Work From Home With No Startup Costs
The other day someone asked me if I had any ideas for ways to work from home without any startup costs. It was a pretty self explanatory situation where they need to make more money, but don't have much cash on hand for business expenses.

Can you think of any ideas to work from home with no startup costs? Is it possible?

Nutty 9th March 2017 02:06 PM

Work from Home
Absolutely, this is possible, providing you already have a PC, the skills and knowledge to carry out freelance tasks, some of my ideas would be:

Affiliate Manager: would need skills with websites / html
Affiliate Marketing: would need skills with websites / html
Artist: you would need to be able to draw and paint
Author: have skills in writing?
Blogging: you can ghost blog for companies or go the whole hog and write your own
Birthday event planning
Book Keeping: you really would need to be good at maths
Baking Cakes/Cup Cakes: many an entrepreneur has become successful in the cake industry
Cleaning: good hourly rates available for people who can clean and iron
Copywriting: need skills with the English language and grammar
Crafting/Sewing: only hand stitching and not in a professional manner as you would need industrial equipment
Direct Sales: Avon, Ann Summers
Event Planning
Forum Moderating: sign up for places like upwork and find work from home jobs
Hairdressing: basic skills you can learn online
House Sitting: easy and you just need to be trustworthy, good daily rates available from many people who don't like to leave their home unattended when they take a vacation
Jewellery Making
Life Coaching
Mystery Shopper: online and venue visit work available from many companies
Personal Chef: you do need to be able to cook without burning or poisoning somsone!
Personal Shopper: fancy shopping for the rich and famous and spending all day browsing shops for items you think they might like? Personal shopping could be just the ticket for you
Pet Grooming, Washing, Walking: hot topic these days, pooch needs a good hair day!
Researcher: have a look around online and you will find that companies everyday need research done, you will also find writers and marketers looking for people
Social Media Marketing: know you way around the #hashtag and how to engage with a social media audience, running campaigns for clients could turn you a good profit
Transcriptionist: transcribe recorded messages from medical professionals to written medical documents
Tutoring: did you excel in a subject at school and could now help others, they visit your home and you help with homework, for example
Wedding event planning: you need to be organised for this and be public facing at various times, if you have what it takes then perhaps you can make someone's day very special, skills in networking would help here also

Nutty :)

Nutty 9th March 2017 04:05 PM

In addition to this you could also do polls and surveys, quite time consuming and not major bucks to be made but if you need to get something in the door now it could be a good place to start, there are many apps out there like ValuedOpinions, there are also phone apps where you can earn cash for doing small tasks, field agent, easy shift, gig walk, roamler, ipoll, voxpopme, receipt hog and quite frankly the list is quite extensive. Do your research first and make sure you signing up for the right type of tasks.

Some of the phone apps can be fun and most of us have a smartphone anyway!


Logan 9th March 2017 04:48 PM

Great stuff, thanks for all of the ideas.

Another idea, childcare/babysitting and also eldercare, deliver service

Brynn Thorne 20th March 2017 11:16 PM

Depending on your skills, try Upwork. There are lots of options there.

Monkeyofstick 24th March 2017 09:29 AM

Thanks Nutty!
Awesome ideas

YourRetailCoach 15th May 2017 03:52 AM

Working from home is a dream for a lot of us. With escalating cost and stuttered economy, it is little surprise that the idea has extended to include even workforce that is foreign based. You can do work like polls and surveys, Social Media Marketing, Pet Grooming, Washing, Walking, content writing, hairdressing, copyrighting, cleaning, baking cakes, bakery business etc. The most important thing to star any business is to know your skills and knowledge.

martinsumichras 15th May 2017 11:06 PM

Nutty, your recommendations are actually very good and impressive. Thanks for sharing great insights on work from home.

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