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ridinghood 18th February 2018 02:01 PM

What are your most actionable seo tips/ideas?
Hey guys :wave2:, I'm a software/web developer and I look for new marketing ideas all the time. I find that:

1. People keep good ideas secret
2. "Gurus" write long articles on obvious things
3. It's VERY difficult to find good tips - they are scattered and buried

So what are your top 3 ideas? Here are 3 from me:

1. Use a "star ratings" plugin on your blog posts that displays the stars on google searches

2. Create a small "scholarship" (could include your products/gift cards etc.) and post it to social media, reach out to bloggers AND educational institutions to link for their students

3. Find competitors' keywords with the biggest ad spends using tools like Spyfu, SERanking etc. and run a few ads with the same one to see if it's worth it to invest in an SEO campaign for them

I'm posting tips like these daily at:

I'm looking for great tips/ideas that aren't just "fluff". :thumbsup2. comments and feedback are welcome! And I will post the good ones on the site!

Logan 19th February 2018 10:25 AM

Hello and welcome to the forum! Thank you for sharing and jumping in with us. One thing we try to do here is help you figure it out, kind of like teaching someone to fish versus feeding them fish. I look forward to having you around.

Have you ever read the book "Free: The Future of a Radical Price" by Chris Anderson at

That's a top notch book in line with your project that is sure to get your gears spinning with new marketing ideas. Let me know what you think. Welcome aboard :standingw

ridinghood 19th February 2018 10:29 AM

Thanks Logan! I think that's a great strategy. And I've never read that book I'll check it out :)

I started this site out of my own frustration:
- often I'd come across an idea and forget it
- sometimes I just need some quick inspiration to get out of my box
- and finding specific advice I don't have to think too much about (with all the other fires of daily business) is tough to find

Very cool community!

Logan 19th February 2018 10:34 AM

Cheers! Thanks, I'm with you and readily admit our own forum needs to have some of the gems sussed out.

Here is a good overview I did awhile ago on how to find the best threads on this forum

Follow the tips in that post for finding previous threads here that have been popular and have a lot of activity. That should give you a few more ideas also.

If interested, I'd be happy to publish articles for you to and/or as a guest blogger. No catches, you help us and we'll help you too.

ridinghood 19th February 2018 01:04 PM

That's great, I'll have a look at that overview!

Okay sure I can do that, once I get the time to write a good summary post with a bunch of tips I'll send you a message. Will also check out the other sites like :) Thanks Logan

Logan 19th February 2018 01:35 PM

Good to hear! I'll be around. Just send a message through this contact form and it will make it to my email.

ridinghood 19th February 2018 02:11 PM

32 more ideas! Come on girls/guys I know you have secret tips!!
Here are 32 more! The links go to the site (just goes into a bit more detail about the idea/tip) if you're interested. Not all of them directly relate to SEO but indirectly they are. :thumbsup2

I can only come up with so many but please share your own! :wave2:

1. Create a useful infographic that people want to share

2. Shortcut SEO by getting your product on a top ranked list

3. Use Google sitelinks in your Adwords campaigns for more ad space

4. Choose a niche market and be the best at serving it

5. Create a meetup to build your own community with network marketing

6. Clearly identify your unique selling propositions and describe them in one short sentence each

7. Increase Your SEO Ranking Using Compiled Content Pillars And Topic Clusters

8. Improve your Google reviews with a remarketing code

9. Give your product away for free to bloggers and influencers in exchange for a testimonial

10. Create an affiliate marketing program to drive referral sales

11. Add a careers page to your website to make your company look more trustworthy

12. Create podcasts that provide education or entertainment for your customers

13. Post to social media during high-engagement times of day and week

14. Write a high-quality blog post and offer it to another blog as an exclusive guest post

15. Use a tool to monitor your website's SEO rankings automatically

16. Create a controversial piece of content and fire it at an influencer with an opposing view

17. Split (A/B) test the important parts of your customer interactions

18. Trade notes with other business owners in your field or a similar one

19. Be honest with prospects and customers to build trust

20. Write a blog post that's useful or don't write one at all

21. Make a list of 10 places your target customers spend their time

22. Create buyer personas to guide decisions about serving your target markets

23. Reverse-engineer your sales funnel by learning from competitors

24. Add elements of social proof to critical parts of your sales process

25. Create micro-commitments potential customers can take before a purchase

26. List your business on several directories to improve web presence and SEO

27. Create scarcity with a promotion that limits time and/or quantity

28. Reach out to relevant podcasts in your niche and request and interview

29. Advertise with publishers and search engines that are much cheaper than Google

30. Turn your blog posts into images and share them on social image sites

31. Organize your existing blog posts into a longer hub and spoke article

32. Use a keyword research tool to find the best terms to rank for

Logan 20th February 2018 11:23 AM

I thought this was basic but worthwhile.

Five Ways to Refresh Your Website Without a Blog

I think considering your audience is important. For example creating a section of tips for those who use Wordpress (~30% of websites). Or based on popular ecommerce platforms. niche. niche. niche.

jeffscott 27th February 2018 09:16 PM

We can be creative while optimizing the site pages via understanding the actions and behaviors from the target audience.

Logan 28th February 2018 08:14 AM

True, writing up hypothetical scenarios that bring a person to a website, along with a character for each audience you have, can be helpful. Then hand that scenario to someone else and have them walk through your website and provide feedback (in writing) to you about their experiences. What did they expect? was it easy to find what they were looking for? did they have any problems ordering? what could you do to make it easier?

For example. An ecommerce store selling office supplies. A secretary needs to order just pencils because their other inventory is high, but quickly running out of pencils. Let someone else play your pretend audience and give you feedback.

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