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AngelBiz 25th February 2020 04:18 PM

7 Ways To Encourage Overworked Employees To Take Breaks
Contrary to what you might assume, productivity isnít a byproduct of just consistent hard work. It is the culmination of hard work, taking time off, exercising, resting and eating well. If any of those things are omitted from the equation, it would adversely impact employee productivity.

An overworked employee is more likely to make mistakes and develop high levels of stress. Moreover, overworking results in resentment towards coworkers and employers, low morale and dip in productivity.

As an employer, itís your responsibility to encourage employees to take time off, reset and resume work with a fresh mind. In this post, weíre sharing the best ways to urge employees to take breaks.

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chrismarklee 25th February 2020 06:34 PM

Slow down
You need to slow down to prevent making mistakes. Mistakes are a big problem.

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