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ventureq 5th February 2007 04:56 PM

Online Assessment Tools For New Ideas
Would you be interested in using an online assessment tool to rate your invention, idea, or new business opportunity?

The online tools allow you to compare and rate your invention, idea, or new business opportunity to proven, ideal characteristics that are necessary for success in the marketplace. A scale of 1-9 is used where 1 is a rating of unsatisfactory and 9 is a rating of excellent.

The ratings are then computed using a pre-determined importance configuration and areas of strength and weakness are illustrated in a report. The report also includes ways to improve the invention, idea, or new business opportunity to make it more successful in the marketplace. The tools provide pragmatic, objective feedback for you to determine the next steps in commercializing your ideas and/or inventions.

Are these assessment tools something you would be interested in? How much would you be willing to pay for a single assessment and report?

What would you name the website containing these tools?

J. Marlow 5th February 2007 08:40 PM

I would be interested in something like that. Though, paying through the roof for it would be a turn off. I think you should offer packages or different price levels for the many different business. Personally, most of the feedback and suggestions I get are from the forums and customers. You will have to build up a name for yourself to gain the trust of your customers or maybe provide a demo of some sort to show off your work. I would want to see a preview of what exactly I would be purchasing and how it would help me directly (don't have much money to spare which i could use for marketing). I think you might be onto something though!

J.W. Marlow

J.W. Marlow

DigitalDoodler 1st March 2007 08:47 AM

This might be a useful tool, but I do have one concern. While I am not saying that you will do this, as a customer I would be cautious when telling anybody a business idea that I think is unique or revolutionary. So if I were to submit my great idea to you, I would question whether or not you or an employee of yours might run off with it. And on top of all that, I would be paying for such a service.

Again, I'm sure you wouldn't be doing this, but I'm just trying to provide the viewpoint of potential customers. I would recommend having an agreement stating that the information won't be shared or used for anything other than reviewing and assessing.

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