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Bukie 14th November 2010 09:59 AM


Originally Posted by bradmarcus (Post 129627)
Just remember, every page on your site is a potential landing page. Get the SEO part right to start and definitely do some PPC the first 3-6 months of a new site, but then change things up. Most people do the same stuff over and over. Change your ad copy monthly. Change the landing page every once in a while. Research shows most web buyers hit a site 3 times before they buy.

I agree you do have to change things up often, but like someone said earlier, using every page on your site as a landing page may not be the best idea. I usually create landing pages with no navigation, even if I am essentially duplicating the content on the original page.

I also noindex specific landing pages because I edit them all the time, and I'm not necessarily trying to rank them. Does anyone else do this?

johnnylew 5th December 2010 10:52 AM

Absolutley Not!
That would never work for me (not having links from landing page) but my business model may be completley different than yours, why you wouldnt want to try to rank is puzzling to me as well. As a website owner that is what strive for every day.

Very interesting. I would change my pages that often, just for change sake. I would update if the content needs to be updated or I am trying to optimize the page for SEO.

Instead of completing chaning the one page, why dont you create additional pages?

Lou 5th December 2010 01:48 PM

Good stuff folks, very informative and direct. I will tag this thread and refer back often as I stumble along.

I thank all of you in advance for putting up with me.

yellow01 14th January 2011 02:22 AM

SEO and ppc is both is used for increase the traffic on website so both is good.

nikole95 16th January 2011 05:45 AM


Originally Posted by jamestcs (Post 128155)
Pros : 1) No worry on click frauds
2) Large number of visitors ->economy of scale

Cons : 1) Search Engines Algo keep changing affecting SEO.
2) Takes time to get top ranking

Pros : 1) Immediate result, fast ranking
2) Long tail keywords are more economical compare to SEO

Cons : 1) Cost will be relative high if people keep bidding for certain keywords
2) Click fraud always a problem

Conclusion : SEO and PPC have different market segment. I personally think PPC is more suitable for long tail keywords while SEO is more suitable for core business /more generic keywords.

you are absolutely correct but for PPC especially for ecommerce you need to make sure you have a big budget or you'll blow through your stash like nothing...if you don't know what you are doing

TilenKrivec 18th January 2011 04:28 AM

Both. Always.

SEO and PPC are not mutually exclusive

I cringe every time i see this ppc vs seo debate, where people argue which is better. Its like trying to figure out if peanut butter is better than jelly. I don't care, i'll have both!

Do SEO, you can't really go wrong with free traffic.
Do PPC, and monitor closely for profitability. It will need more monitoring than SEO, but is easily scalable and you get results in a couple of hours.

Spradle 16th February 2011 07:23 AM


Originally Posted by TilenKrivec (Post 134887)
where people argue which is better. Its like trying to figure out if peanut butter is better than jelly. I don't care, i'll have both!

:thumbsup2 That made me smile.
I cant agree with you more.

johnnylew 7th March 2011 02:26 PM

Seo & ppc

Originally Posted by TilenKrivec (Post 134887)
Both. Always.

SEO and PPC are not mutually exclusive

I cringe every time i see this ppc vs seo debate, where people argue which is better. Its like trying to figure out if peanut butter is better than jelly. I don't care, i'll have both!

SEO and PPC has to be separated, thats why the combined peanut butter and jelly concept didnt fly.

The real argument is both are very different in their workings, but on the surface they show up in the same place - in SERP results. One is at the top and down the side PPC and one is in the middle - Organic.

The workings on getting to the front page for SEO & PPC is very, very different. You can put a ton of work into SEO, calculated effort, time writing, and setting up your page - and BAM you see your results, your getting FREE Traffic - alright that was awesome.

You put up an ad, you get your keywords, you bid and write a compelling ad, BAM your at the top, your paying, but your getting results.

I know its more complicated, time consuming than this, but the reality is NOTHING is free. Those organic clicks, cost you alot of time & effort. You could be ranked #1 today after months of work and tommorow WHAM your out - ask those affected by Google's latest algorythym change.

PPC is different and as long as your paying your staying.

So where peanut butter and jelly is a nice try at an analogy, it's just not that simple!

obama5493 22nd March 2011 05:03 AM


Originally Posted by roof cleaning (Post 128299)
We only used PPC here in Tampa when we had zero Internet Sites. Make a Merchant Circle Page, they are free, and rank highly here in Tampa, probably in your town too.

I think SpencerPowell is right. PPC has its own benefits. But i doubt whether PPC traffic may result into conversions and lead generations.

FireUps 6th July 2011 04:19 PM

SEO with PPC to be successful

Originally Posted by johnnylew (Post 127010)
You have to combine SEO with PPC to be successful, to keep a constant flow of traffic you have to have PPC, otherwise all your eggs are in the SERP basket and you could be one new algorythum change away from no traffic.

I use PPC to define the action keywords and redesign the site around the data collected from the paid traffic. This takes out the guess work.

Plus if you are tracking your sales then you know exactly how to scale your business based on knowing what triggers the sale.

You also have to optimize your Google Places/Local Listings pages as well now just like you optimize your webpages.

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