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Social-Media 14th October 2010 10:00 AM


Originally Posted by SpencerPowell (Post 128554)
mikeallen50, I didn't mean to say that PPC will not convert into leads, because I do think PPC is good for generating leads. However, many people use PPC to drive traffic to their home page, which will almost certainly not get them any leads. You have to use landing pages to convert.

EXACTLY! And most people who do PPC with little experience do not get this. I used to work for a company that spent $5MM/month (yes 5 million) on PPC most of which was Google AdWords. The ONLY traffic we ever sent to our site was branded traffic... people searching for the company name. But all other keywords went to landing pages with no navigation. The goal is to eliminate any distractions that might prevent them from converting and give them two options: convert or not.

If you send people to your site with PPC ads, there are two many distractions. They can start clicking around your site and before you know it, they have forgotten why they even went to your site. Even if you send the user to a relevant page on your site, it typically will never convert as well as a similar landing page with no navigation.

I do have to disagree with SpenserPowell on one point he made previously:


If you are ranking #1 organically...don't waste money on PPC.
I think that is a very bad approach. I was SEO manager for the company I mentioned previously that spent $5MM/month on PPC and we never stopped bidding on PPC keywords that we ranked for organically... even if I had the #1 and #2 (indented listing) organic positions for that keyword phrase. The reasons:

1) Different users look at different parts of the SERPs first. Some might scan the PPC ads first. Others might scan the organic listings first. You want to be seen in both if possible.

2) Having an organic listing (or two) PLUS a PPC ad on the SERPs page means you are taking up even more real estate on the page which helps build brand and consumer confidence (not to mention eliminates "shelf space" that could be occupied by your competitors. The more a users sees your company, the more likely they are to click on your organic listing or ad than some other company who may only have an organic listing or a PPC listing (but not both).

3) Even though you might be paying for some PPC clicks, you will not be paying for nearly as many as if you only had a PPC listing (and no organic) because some percentage of the time people are now going to be clicking on your organic listings as well.

Saying you should stop PPC for a kewyord because you already rank for it with SEO is synonymous to saying stop paying for TV ads because you're running radio spots.

IMO you want to use as many marketing techniques for your sites as you can as long as they are driving traffic and provide a positive ROI.

luxuria 18th October 2010 03:42 PM

Thank goodness I had some $ from Google, because my PPC was worthless.

I'm paying $1.80 per click. This seems nuts because most of my products are $10-20.

I don't think PPC is viable for many of us. Not when even long tail is costing that kind of money.

I thought it would run about $0.05

johnnylew 25th October 2010 11:13 AM

Lorac - PPC & Website Suggestions
Lorac, your cost per click could be in the $2.00 range for a couple of reasons. one you might be bidding on the same keywords that other cosmetic companies use to - to sell $50-$100 items. If so stop, you wont be able to compete when selling your $10 items.

Look at using Keywords that contain "discount" & "affordable", you should be able to convert these consumers from your site.

Are you using "broad" match type? If you are then look at what "search terms" these broad matches are generating and see if any can be good "negative" candidates.

ALSO, remove immediatley the pop-up that comes up when you go to your site. First most people are put off by that & GOOGLE MAY BE PENALIZING you for this. Google frowns upon pop-ups, but wont ban you, they like your money and if your willing to pay $1.80 a click when you should be paying much less, they will take it. Remove it and see what happens over time with your PPC and conversion rate. You may be surprised.

luxuria 25th October 2010 05:20 PM

It's not a popup. It's a lightbox. It is seen once, when someone first comes to the site and is never seen again. Since implementing it, registration for my mailing list has soared.

It's not coded like a popup, so I don't think google would penalize it.

My bounce rate is very low.

I had concerns before I added the lightbox, but it's been a huge win for me. I've talked to some customers about it and they all seem to think it's fine since it's easy to get rid of it.

On the keywords, I've used "discount makeup", "cheap makeup", etc. Cost of PPC is still in the ridiculous range. Maybe I can play with some longer tails.

DavidHawke 26th October 2010 08:49 AM

The Bottom Line
The bottom line is, the more places your business is seen the more visitors you're going to have to your website.

Not to throw any monkey wrenches into the spokes here, but there is also Google places and Yahoo local to consider along with a good SEO campaign and a PPC campaign.

It all works, if it didn't, you wouldn't see so many businesses doing it. The key is to do it right, especially PPC, if you do it wrong, it could land you in the poor house.

Any PPC campaigns for local businesses should be geo-targeted, and watched closely, also be sure to set a daily cap on what you are willing to spend.

johnnylew 26th October 2010 01:38 PM

If your email list has soared, then your PPC may be working better than you think. If the box is working (which turned me off immediatley, but your customer base may not be like me which is great) then you are getting the leads you need to sell to later. Its all gold (email leads or direct conversions) so sounds like you may be doing as bad as you think.

Compare your sales from your email blasts with the PPC costs and maybe all is well!

Good luck to you!

luxuria 26th October 2010 03:38 PM

johnnylew, I don't have any PPC running and haven't for at least 30 days.

I'm doing everything organically and it seems like very slow going to me. :-(

johnnylew 27th October 2010 01:40 PM

luxuria - now should not be slow for you
if your like 90% of retailers (like me!) now is when things pick up (holiday season) not slow down. if you were doing ppc and stopped 30 days and now are seeing a slow down, this should be telling you that your ppc was contributing.

look for my other posts on how to optimize your ppc campaigns. you can get it profitable, i am positive of that.

howtofranchiseg 28th October 2010 06:44 AM

I am partially agree. I think none of these 2 can replace each other so we can not choice 1 of them. SEO and PPC both have their own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on situation, expected results and budget what to choose between SEO and PPC.

bradmarcus 28th October 2010 07:11 AM

Just remember, every page on your site is a potential landing page. Get the SEO part right to start and definitely do some PPC the first 3-6 months of a new site, but then change things up. Most people do the same stuff over and over. Change your ad copy monthly. Change the landing page every once in a while. Research shows most web buyers hit a site 3 times before they buy.

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