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mobilephone7 9th April 2009 09:00 PM

How Can Importers Save During Business Trips To China?
Here are some practical tips that you can use not only when traveling to China but in other countries as well.

1. Book a standard hotel room instead of staying at the executive floor.
Remember you're in there to save money to purchase more products and do more for your company. A little luxury can wait.

2. Negotiate room rates.
Bargain for good rates, stress out that you're planning to become one of their long term customers.

3. Fly Economy class.
Book an economy class flight with one of famour airlines chances are you'll end up getting a nice meal, good leg space, reasonably comfortable seats, and still got lots of money.

4. Use public transport.
Take someone you know with you that knows the place, and opt in for a public transport. Cities like Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Shanghai have excellent public transport system like here in the Philippines and it's not just taxis. Countries like this are attracting tourists now and then, and they will use their best and attractive public transport system so take advantage of it.

5. Online Registration.
Use the online registration services of fair operators and receive free entrance badges in advance and avoid the rush.

6. Save on your meals.
Reduce your dining expenses, take someone with you that knows the place or a resident of it, and opt in for the more cheaper place to eat but good ones, compared to eating breakfast at your hotel, try to catch up on some exercises and walk around with your colleague around the hotel for a bargain meal.

7. Save on your trips.
Focus on more important travels, sometimes limit one country per year to enjoy on a more quality trip, jot down all you want and save on trips yearly, this has longer term of effect on you but it's all worth it.

8. Hire an assistant or a local consultant.
Someone that knows the area or a resident of it, is preferable, usually countries like this are attracting tourist so they're making their services prices as competitive and low as possible. So take advantage of it, usually let the assistant do the routines for you.

harleybrakes 12th November 2009 04:25 AM

Hi mobilephone7,
Good article about How Can Importers Save During Business Trips To China?.
Thanks for posting

Vanessa Morgan 29th April 2016 12:22 AM

Nice one! I googled stuff and found this same exact article on

Thanks for the useful tips :thumbsup2

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