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Ron20 4th January 2013 08:14 PM

What Is The Best Google Adwords Ad You Can Think Of For My Business?
What is the best Google Adwords Ad you can think of for my business?
I am just starting with Google Adwords and am trying to create a great ad.

Ad must be 3 lines with the top line 25 characters and the 2 lines below 35 characters.

I have a credit card processing consulting business that only gets paid on a contingency basis if I save my clients money.

See link below for website.



raveinfosys 26th February 2013 01:30 AM

5 Tips to create great Google AdWords ads
1) Use words as if they were diamonds

Don't use the name of your company if it already appears in your Display URL. Don't repeat the same word two times or more.

2) Avoid to write your ads only with lower-case letters

An ad written only with lower-case letters is more difficult to read than one with capital letters in it. Use capital letters for your most relevant keywords in order to emphasize them. Remember that it is not necessary to use capital letters with short words like "in", "on", "and".

3) Don't overlook the landing page

If the ad is the hook, the landing page is the bait. Create a unique page that reflects all the promises showed in the ad and which shows only the publicized product/offer, an evident "call to action" (avoid any distractive elements like menus or links to other webpages) and the description text that includes the ad keywords.

4) Prompt the user to click your ad

Call to action is a needful part of both our landing page and our ad! Grab the attention of your potential customer with an incisive call to action (Buy Now! Download Now!)

5) Don't be lazy

Take advantage of all the available characters. Try to use as many characters as possible. There are five fields in the ad creation panel:

Headline: 25 characters.
Description line 1: 35 characters.
Description line 2: 35 characters.
Display URL: 35 characters.
Destination URL: the landing page URL of your ad.

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