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urbansoft 4th October 2018 05:21 AM

Thank You Page Is Important?
Hi all,

If we can track the Google adwords campaign leads. The thank you page is important?

torka 5th October 2018 02:56 PM

It's possible to track conversions without a thank you page, but having a thank you page makes the process easier.

Perhaps more importantly, the thank you page is a golden opportunity to reinforce your value proposition with your new lead at the point where they're likely most receptive to your pitch. You can reassure them they've made a wise decision by giving you their contact information (or subscribing to your newsletter, or downloading your white paper, or whatever it was they did to generate a lead for you) and re-state the benefits of what you're offering.

A thank you page is useful in more ways than one. Personally, I would almost never create any sort of form without some sort of thank you page.

—Torka :iratep:

randiv1984 24th October 2018 01:54 AM

In simply we can say yes, I think.

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