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AakashAgarwal 7th October 2015 05:39 AM

How To Make My Blog Popular?
Hi friends,
Please suggest me how to improve quality of blog and make it popular?

hrishivardhan 7th October 2015 06:36 AM


Originally Posted by AakashAgarwal (Post 234841)
Hi friends,
Please suggest me how to improve quality of blog and make it popular?

You can improve your blog by improving or posting quality content with attractive images in blog post.
I would like to give an example of quality blog:
check this link

Peterwright 7th October 2015 06:37 AM

How To Make Bog Popular?
To make your blog popular doing social book marking and submit url social net working site to get more visitors.

Jan Godlewski 8th October 2015 04:14 AM

1) Create ENGAGING content. Not product descriptions and other crap. Short blog posts, case studies, interviews. Create videos, photos and infographics.
2) Gain backlinks to your blog. Use forums, comments on other blogs, offer your guest posts with backlink to bloggers from your niche.
3) Integrate your blog with social media: facebook, twitter, linkedin, tumblr, delicious, digg, pinterest. Always answere to comments, engage your readers, make them feel that they are important.

Arthur De Dief 8th October 2015 07:07 AM

Firstly, content is the king. The second thing is the promotion. It depends up to you how much you promote it on social bookmarking sites or you can also do ping submission for that.

Vanessa Morgan 11th October 2015 03:44 AM

Maybe you can promote your site using social media sites like FB. Twitter and Instagram.

Hanna 12th October 2015 11:53 PM

First priority is content, but at the time of promotion it depends upon the type of blog, accordingly, promote it on relevant sites.

SaraMartine 23rd December 2015 03:45 AM

Promote your blog through social media channels.
Create a blog network with your niche.
Follow other authors with your niche.

DeniseTaylor 23rd December 2015 10:02 AM


Create ENGAGING content.
I agree with this. To add a little more - write your content like you're talking to your friend. Unless your topic caters to an intellectual crowd, match the voice of the people who are interested in your topic. Usually this means being more casual and direct. Rarely should you sound like an encyclopedia.

Then, make sure to add value and provide information the user is looking for and over-deliver. Give them more than they expected and provide an excellent experience.

aquisto 12th January 2016 12:47 AM

1.Comment other blogs and use your blog link as a signature. Normally if your comments are good the blog owner will take a look at your blog.

2.Advertise your blog to everyone you know.

3. Write good compositions, information or post good pictures on your blog.

Finally, every popular site comes with time, you have to be patient. Keep develop your blog also, people will come back to read your blog again if you keep update.

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