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bhavnasingh482 18th May 2015 03:07 AM

Thanks for reply.

LisaHandson 19th May 2015 05:30 AM

Content Marketing is all time best activity in SEO. As We all know "Content is king" in today SEO and Google also loves to crawl and index quality and unique content every time.

firsttenderseo1 21st May 2015 05:21 AM

Here are some best way to use for website ranking.
Target the right keywords for your website or its pages.
Update your content regularly
Add quality of Meta data in website.
Use alt image tag in the website.
Publish relevant and effective content

Erin Nagata 25th May 2015 05:39 AM

More and more webmasters are now using social media campaign as an effective way to drive traffic to a website.

Erin Nagata 25th May 2015 05:46 AM

Make sure that you work on web sites that have a good page rank associated to your campaign.

Erin Nagata 25th May 2015 06:08 AM

It essential that you work on websites with good page rank associated to your niche.

Local Mixed 30th May 2015 12:47 AM

While those that say content are right to a point that doesn't mean that you
need to post blog post after blog post.

What I am going to say is going against much of the so-called SEO-Guru's, but the truth is that it comes down to quality, not quantity.

You need to post high quality content - I call them Power Pages, or Power

These posts are typically indepth article of about 1500-2000 or even more
words. The topic should help readers solve a problem and cast you in the
light of an expert.

The question comes down to what topics to write about. My answer to this
question also goes against the grain.

You don't write about topics that you think your audience wants to read
about, you write on topics that influencers in your niche or industry are
interested in. When it comes down to it, your audience has almost no benefit
to you SEO-wise. They aren't going to link to your website or blog post. It
is your influencers that are going to share your post with their audience and
link to your website, which is gives you the SEO benefit.

When you create awesome content based on topics in which your influencers are interested, you know their audience is also interested in it - and they
become your audience.

But publishing these Power Pages on topics that your influencers are
interested in isn't enought...

If you want a so-called "secret to SEO" it is working hard and performing outreach. You need to get your influencer's eyes on your content so they share it with their audience and hopefully link to it from their website.

There are many ways to do this...

One tactic that I just used is what Brian Dean at Backlinko calls the Skyscraper Technique (I just started my outreach campaign for this post Wednesday).

I took a well-known and popular post from an authority site in my niche and put my own unique twist to it and made it better and more useful by adding a tool that people can use.

After I had my muse of a post, I found all the websites that are linking back
to the post.

I then created my post...

This was huge undertaking because the basis of my post was the tool, which I had to have my developer design and build for me. I also had to find all the data that this tool was going to provide my readers.

It took me a good 3-4 months to finalize my post!

After I finally published this post, I reached out to each of the
websites that I found linking to the original popular webpage and informed them about my post and tool.

While this is the end of the Skyscraper Technique, it isn't where you should stop. After all, one tactic doesn't make a strategy.

Side note...I actually reached out to a few of the top influencers on the
topic before I published the article and asked for their feedback by
providing a link to a private page. I contact the ones that provided feedback
once the site went live for a little extra love.

As I said, I am only in the beginning of my outreach for this post. My next
step is contacting other influencers in the general niche. While this might
not get many links, it will get it shares and eyes on the content - which on it's own could get links.

After that, I will work on other linkbuilding and outreach tactics like broken-link building and finding link round-up posts. All of this round out my outreach campaign and earn backlinks from relevent and authority sites.

I Hope this gives you an idea what goes into a full SEO campaign. It comes down to creating awesome content and marketing your content to the right people.

As you can see, it is a lot of work. And there is no way of knowing the success before jumping in with both feet. But that is what separates the men from the boys. Most people don't want to put the blood sweat and tears that is necessary for a full SEO strategy.

I could write more about it and how to add on-site marketing strategies but I have to stop somewhere.

rozencutts 3rd June 2015 08:42 AM

There are no such tools to get good ranking. You afford some time to your project for good ranking

Mason Nettles 3rd June 2015 10:07 PM

Most of the answers are right on the mark. You either have a lot of work ahead of you or pay someone to do it. If you want a big house you have to build it or pay someone build it. Wanting just isn't enough.

I choose to build mine. It takes a lot more time than I ever thought.

david14beck 4th June 2015 02:16 AM

There is no short cuts for improve website rankings but first read about SEO of-page and on-page tactics.always put your website links in the high pr,Do-follo and high authority websites.

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