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Johnbolton 9th October 2015 03:49 AM

My Title Tags Are Appearing Different In Google
My title tags are appearing different in Google from the original what I have coded in the title tag.

Look for the keyword - Pact contract system

johnniewalk 9th October 2015 07:49 AM

Title tag is limited to 60 to 70 characters again try to insert your title tag and check it

torka 9th October 2015 09:16 AM

This has been happening for years. Google doesn't always show what's in your title tag as the title in the search results. They can (and will) change the title to something they think is "better" (according to some criteria only Google knows for sure), based on the query the searcher input.

Due to personalization of search results, it's also possible that other searchers are seeing a different title than the one you see (which also may or may not be the same as the title tag you coded).

Same thing with the snippet. They will sometimes show (at least part of) what's in your META description, while at other times they will pull the snippet from the text on the page, and at other times it seems to be a combo of the two.

Basically, Google treats anything in your code as a suggestion more than an absolute. Their SERPs, their choice. :)

The best you can do is make your title as snappy as you can (i.e. not just a string of keywords), keep it as relevant to the most popular (and most-desired) search queries you're targeting with that page, and cross your fingers.

--Torka :iratep:

metricbuzz88 10th October 2015 01:39 PM

Google owns Google search engine...funny statement..right?
But it doesn't, Google has the authority to show anything in the search results.

@Torka is absolutely right! Google started setting Meta Titles for the websites when it is not presented or the web spiders may think that the title in your website doesn't match to the search query. So it took the meta title from your website with your brand name.

alexjames212 12th October 2015 07:16 AM

You might want to rethink and optimize your page once more. Make sure that the title reflects the theme of the page.

Johnbolton 14th October 2015 05:23 AM

But in yahoo search, my title are appearing correct.

Anyway thanks to all.

saiburi 19th November 2015 12:31 AM

It is clear that your website is not crawled by Google.

randiv1984 19th November 2015 04:24 AM

This is very informative information.

PaulaEdwards 30th November 2015 03:42 AM

If your title tags are appearing different, I have not heard something like you saying. You can suggest with your website developer, If yahoo is showing the same title as you mentioned in the coding then it should not happen. Has your website developer made some mistake in coding or what? You can ask to him regarding the same.

hrishivardhan 30th November 2015 05:13 AM

No one here know Google's strategies, how the pick the title and meta from your title and meta tags. As Torka said make your title most relative to the user search in Google. Avoid keyword stuffing.

devidweb 16th December 2015 12:35 AM

Your default title tag is non descriptive like in this case or not relevant enough to the query, Google can override the actual title tag and match the search query.

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